Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Rice

Although I’m a very picky eater, meaning I don’t eat beans, I was shocked at how tasty this was. The seasoned chicken and melty cheese sort of mask the texture of the beans, which is the part I don’t care for.  I’m a texture person and the beans in a dish usually ruin it for me, but not this time! The whole family ate this right up and requested that we have it again sometime soon. No problem, I can do that!

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Rice

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Chocolate Cobbler

Years ago I ran across a recipe that after seeing the picture, I thought looked like the perfect chocolate dish. I’m a brownie fan of all sorts, and the soft gooey ones are my favorite, so when I saw this I had to make it. I can’t recall where it came from. It could have been a magazine or a website, it’s been so long now I can’t remember and I just scribbled it down. But where ever it came from, thank you!

When I was pulling out my recipes to build Everyday Made Fresh with, I knew that this had to be included! It’s warm and gooey chocolate center surrounded by a brownie like consistency that make this the perfect chocolate lovers dish. The picture includes ice cream, but I promise it’s just fine and dandy without it.

This is what my lovely 16 year old requested for her birthday this year. Simple, yet jam packed with flavor. I love that my girls are simple like that. No extravagant cake with fondant and tiers, although there is nothing wrong with that; that’s tasty too! It’s just this is what she requested, and of course I delivered.

Chocolate Cobbler

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Naturally Sweetened Peanut Butter Fudge Smoothie

I love having smoothies for breakfast, but once you start using protein powders or instant breakfast packets, the sugar is on the rise, and with my low blood sugar, I crash 30 minutes later. No good. Honestly not really good for anybody, blood sugar problems or not.

I was on Pinterest one day; actually I’m there all the time, go over and follow me, and I saw a recipe from one of my favorite bloggers (Minimalistbaker). I had to recreate it and make it allergy friendly for Kelsie! It’s delicious and we all love having these in the mornings. I kind of make a triple batch and the girls and I drink these for breakfasts on the go.

Naturally Sweetened Peanut Butter Fudge Smoothie

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Make Chocolate Milk Powder in Less Than 2 Minutes

One thing I fondly remember doing as a kid is drinking chocolate milk. The chocolate milk powder in the yellow package was my favorite. I loved taking a spoon full of that powder and sliding it into the cup of milk, letting bubbles form as the milk was saturating the chocolate powder. Then I would eat that glob of chocolate goodness!  Hmmm, I can taste it now.

I think as kids chocolate is probably one of the main food groups! However, when you have a kid with food allergies chocolate milk isn’t all smiles anymore. The sadness in your kids face as your picking up syrup bottles and powder mixes and reading the ingredients, and placing them back on the shelf, is depressing. Chocolate milk isn’t something that kids with food allergies can always have. Usually between artificial ingredients, allergens, and cross contamination, chocolate syrup and powder mixes can no longer be purchased.

Kelsie can’t go without chocolate milk, and thankfully with homemade mix, she doesn’t have too! Even if you don’t have a food allergy the store bought stuff is overly processed. So why not choose a better for your health option?! It’s too easy not too, and guess what, you have ALL the ingredients to do it with. Maybe not the mason jar, but you can use any air tight container. See, now you have all the stuff you need!

Homemade Chocolate Powder Mix, Made in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle

We have been long time fans of Curious George. As a matter of fact Kelsie will be 10 in August and her first birthday party was a Curious George themed party. She has always loved that cute curious little monkey! We have both of the previous Curious George movies and as a family, are all very fond of them. Curious George is just a classic character that appeals to a large all ages audience. From children that are born today to those that grew up with him before he was on television and in movies. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like Curious George.

We recently had the chance to do a preview George’s 3rd movie, Back to the Jungle. Sunday night after dinner we sat down and watched Curious George 3. It was such a cute movie! As always with George, his curiosity got the best of him. He always winds up in trouble somehow and always finds his way out. You get to follow George along as he goes into outer space and then to the jungles of Africa, to help save the place in which he came from. George is always a curious little monkey making friends where ever he may go. 

Just like the other two Curious George movies there are also some catchy songs. To this day we still sing the Jack Johnson song from the first one, and whenever we hear it, we always think of George.

One of the bonus features on Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle are sing-alongs. Sing-Alongs are always fun for kids and the songs in this movie are a lot of fun to sing!  The new original song from this movie, “Welcome to Paradise” is sung by none other than the Plain White T’s!!

You’ll recognize one of the voices in this movie instantly! John Goodman stuck out as soon as I heard it. Kayla kept saying/asking me “Who is that? I know that voice!” Angela Bassett, Frank Welker, Jeff Bennett, and Alexander Polinsky also lend their voices to the cast.

Released on Tuesday, June 23rd Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle is now available on DVD and digital HD.  Curious George 3 is one hour and 21 minutes long, rated G, and is set in dolby digital 5.1 surround. 

Grab your copy today!


A fun app for your Curious George lovers, George can join your photos! Kelsie enjoyed playing with the different backgrounds and such. You can grab your own Curious George selfie at Photo With George.

Make sure your following Curious George on Facebook and Go Curious George on Twitter. For the latest Curious George information.

Be sure to check out these yummy banana themed recipes from Curious George!









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Better then the Packet! Homemade Taco Seasoning

One of the first things that I ever decided to make from scratch after Kelsie was diagnosed with food allergies besides poptarts, was taco seasoning.  It’s too easy not to make, and I am almost positive that you have everything you need in your spice cabinet.  Even if you don’t have food allergies you should give this a try. Have you read the back of a taco seasoning packet? It’s just riddled with ingredients that were created one day in a chemistry lab. Plus the homemade stuff tastes so much better!

Better then the Packet! Homemade Taco Seasoning

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Poor Man’s Fancy Potatoes

When I was trying to come up with a name for this dish, I couldn’t help but laugh when it came together. I plated these up with butter, sour cream, bacon pieces, and chives. Kelsie said they were “fancy”, and the name was born. These potatoes are also known as “crash potatoes”, but I like our name better.

This is a super cheap dish to make, all that is required is red potatoes and toppings. Your toppings can make this a side dish, or a complete meal. You could go all out and top it with barbecued meat and have a complete meal. It’s up to you!

Poor Man's Fancy Potatoes

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While Your Here

No Fuss Egg Free French Toast – Vegan Adaptable

Nothing says weekend breakfasts quite like French Toast. This version is packed with flavor, crispy edges, soft centers, and a taste that will make you realize that your egg allergy isn’t a breakfast killer after all!

As I was thinking of all the foods that Kelsie could still have that I just needed to modify for her allergies, French Toast was completely off of my radar. After all the main ingredient besides the bread is eggs.  Then I began thinking of vegans, and how I was positive they still enjoyed this perfect weekend breakfast. I started prodding the internet for “vegan french toast” and was shot back with a lot of different recipes. A lot were the exact same, using flour and some sort of dairy alternative. However, after really digging these recipes were changing to include bananas. Hmmm, now THAT sounded interesting. A pulverized banana has the same texture as an egg after you’ve mixed it up. So after giving a few a try and modifying it to our liking, Kelsie had the yummiest French toast around!

Egg Free French Toast

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Summer Squash and Onion Saute

Nothing says summer like squash! We love it around here and eat it quite often this time of year. I normally fry it, but I wanted to mix things up a bit and saute it this time. I remember running across a recipe a while back, but I didn’t save it. (story of my life!) I went off memory the best I could and it turned out delicious! It’s so easy to prepare, and it cooks up in a matter of minutes.

Doesn’t it look tasty!?

Summer Squash Saute

Pley with LEGO’s

A few years ago Kelsie’s toy collection dramatically changed. We were in a toy store and we were browsing all the aisles, the way all kids like to do when they go into the toy stores. Unlike a lot of kids, Kelsie will look at all the toys no matter if it’s for a boy or a girl. She’s versatile like that.

Anyways, we had just started down the LEGO aisle when pink boxes, that were not Duplo, caught her eye. LEGO had put out a whole plethora of girly LEGO’s and the rest is history! Well, sort of. Kelsie has a lot of LEGO Friends. However, have you noticed the prices of LEGO’s? They aren’t cheap to say the least. And the fun is the building and creating of these masterpieces. Kelsie loves it, but we can’t go out and buy a new set everytime she finishes one. That leads me to


A few weeks ago I was ask if I wanted to do a review for I had never heard of it so I went and checked it out. If you haven’t heard of them before, and you or someone in your house is a LEGO fan, is for you! is a LEGO rental site. You pick out your LEGO kit you want to build, they ship it to you; fully sanitized, you build it, break it down, send it back in the prepaid envelope, and then they send you another set to build that you’ve chosen. Think of it like a video game rental company. You play with it, return it, get another one, and so on and so forth. What if I want to keep it? Yea, this was the first question Kelsie ask me. Well, you can! Since the set is used, you get a discount! When they send you a kit you get everything you normally would get if you bought it in the store, except for the box. You get the minifigures, all the pieces, and the instruction booklet(s).


It’s so simple to join. You go to and choose which subscription you want to belong too.

The first one is Builder, which is their most popular. It’s $19.99 a month and you can choose from 155 sets to. You get unlimited exchanges, free shipping, and the sets are easy to medium. Perfect for kids!

The next one is Master, and it’s $49.99 a month but you get to choose from over 300 sets! You still get unlimited exchanges, free shipping, and you get to choose from easy, medium, and advanced sets.

The best part really is you can cancel anytime! Not sure what you think? That’s ok, you can get a free trial! In the free trial you get a set to play with for 30 days and pay only $2 shipping.


I love this idea because Kelsie wants the girl LEGO sets and my husband Zack, well he would really love to build some of his favorites. They will both get to build something that they want too. Oh, and of course I checked it out to see what kind of sets were offered. We didn’t want to join if all the sets were older. But they aren’t! I noticed the new LEGO Elves, which just hit the shelves a couple of months ago were among the sets, even in the Builder plan!

So what are you waiting for?! Go Pley and Build!

This post contains links, photos, and or descriptions about a product that Everyday Made Fresh received for a review. All opinions expressed are our own. Compensation may or may not have been received in exchange for posting this review.